Hi, I'm Joseph Lee

Frontend Developer

As a seasoned Senior Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experience in the Fintech industry, I am a results-oriented professional who is dedicated to creating exceptional user experiences. With a fast-learning mindset and hands-on approach, I excel in all phases of the software development life cycle.

About Me

Frontend Developer!

As a frontend developer, I'm passionate about turning design ideas into pixel-perfect, responsive websites that captivate users and deliver results. With expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I specialize in crafting stunning, user-friendly interfaces that make complex tasks feel effortless. My unique combination of creativity and technical skills allows me to push the boundaries of what's possible with frontend development, making every website a unique work of art.

My Journey


2010 - 2012

Diploma in Software Developement | SAIT | Calgary

After arriving in Canada, I recognized the need to refresh my programming skills, as there was a gap between my previous experience in Korea and the Canadian job market. This presented a significant challenge, but I approached it with determination and dedication. Through perseverance and hard work, I successfully gained all the necessary abilities to excel as a programmer in Canada. I am proud of my ability to overcome this obstacle and look forward to applying my renewed skills in my professional pursuits.

2000 - 2003

Bachelor degree in Computer Science | Kyonggi University | South Korea


2022 - Present

Personal goal pursuit

Possess a comprehensive proficiency in SEO, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop to create engaging content, as well as proficiency in using Adobe Creative Suite to create visually appealing content, and leveraging the automation tools of Puppeteer and Appium to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity by generating content automatically.

2013 -2021

Frontend Developer - Paysafe

Experienced in the development of Risk/Financial Systems, with a focus on designing, building, and maintaining a wide range of risk control applications. These include Case Management Applications, Customer Duplicate Check tools, and Transaction Aggregation tools for risk agents. Proficient in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to optimize system performance and enhance user experience.

2012 -2013

Software Developer - Userful

Designed and implemented new features for Userful Control Center using programming languages such as Java, GWT, HTML, and CSS, as well as for UMs in Python and for Vtiger in PHP and MySQL.

My Skills

Coding Skills

Java 98%

Javascript 99%

Typescript 90%

HTML 95%

CSS 95%

Professional Skills



Spring Boot Microservice90%


Graphic Design90%


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